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bLISTerd: The Best Of Beyonce*

bLISTerd: The Best Of Beyonce*

Hey! Here’s a run-through of the best songs by Mrs. Carter.

The Jukebox From Hell 07: “If I Were A Boy”

If you and I are friends – and if we’re not, we probably should be – you’re undoubtedly scratching your head right now, wondering why I’m about to lay into Beyonce. After all, I’ve been a vocal and unabashed fan of Lady B even before she went solo; I’ve got love for Miss Knowles (Mrs. Z?), and I don’t care who knows. She’s one of the finest pop stars of our time, a classy performer with an ear for a […]

The Viewfinder: Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had”

Welcome to the Beyonce Knowles victory lap. Celebrating the #1 debut of her album, 4, the Queen B unleashes the second video from the project. It’s for the Babyface co-penned ballad “Best Thing I Never Had”, and it’s got the internet a-buzzing. Not only does it offer a solid minute of Beyonce in her draws, but you also get to see what a Beyonce wedding might have looked like (for all the voyeur-types in the house). ┬áThe clip is eye-catching […]

Spin Cycle Plus: Beyonce’s “4”

Beyonce’s 4 has been quite the subject of discussion over at Popblerd HQ. With so many opinions about the pop star’s work and the controversy surrounding the album (after several songs from the album underperformed and the entire set leaked about a month before release, it was rumored that Beyonce’s record company asked her to go back into the studio and retool the album. These rumors have been categorically denied all around), it was only right that we gave you […]

Why *Don't* I Love Beyonce?

Beyonce Knowles-Carter definitely has two things going for her. 1) She can sing (and no one can really dispute that) and 2) She is foine. With that said, there’s definitely a disconnect when it comes to the way I feel about her from a talent appreciation standpoint. I’m not sure if it’s because of the various times her songwriting ability has been called into question. Maybe it’s the fact that often times her pretty voice disguises the fact that she […]