Support Good Music in 2011

Support Good Music in 2011: Chapter 6 (Life On Planet 9)

I need to preface this with a statement: I am biased when it comes to vocalist Pete Murray and any of the projects he is involved in. On my top vocalists of all time list, he’s in the Top 5. Easily. His work in Ultraspank, Lo-Pro, and now Life on Planet 9 are astounding and, unfortunately, largely overlooked by the mainstream. To think that someone capable of such aggression on Ultraspank classics like “Burnt” and “Jackass” could transition and pull off moments of beauty […]

Spin Cycle: That Handsome Devil’s “The Heart Goes To Heaven, The Head Goes To Hell”

I imagine that relatively few people decide to go to a rock concert twenty minutes before it starts. But, see, my wife and I were spending the week in Boston, and we had a Friday night with nothing on the docket. There was talk of a movie; there was talk of dinner, but ultimately, we wanted to do something unique, something singular. Take in a play, or some jazz, or climb a mountain (which, to be fair, is kind of […]

Rob Potylo Shines in 2011

Most of the masses may know him by his alter ego Robbie Roadsteamer or by his appearances on Quiet Desperation but now it’s time you came to know him as Rob Potylo because he’s making beautiful no frills music and is a local artist you should definitely be paying attention to. His latest release And The Lonely Planets is, quite simply, 11 tracks you need to hear in 2011. “Fall From That Drain” and “18 Hours” open up And The […]

Support Good Music Chapter 5: Tom Vek

The news that Tom Vek ‘s first new album in over 5 years is finally coming out gave me a chance to listen to and reflect upon his brilliant debut We Have Sound over and over and over again. Who is Tom Vek , you ask? I’ve read somewhere that he’s a “post-punk revivalist”. I think it’s just good music. His debut We Have Sound is still relevant today. It’s quirky-electro in the vein of Beck, Cake, and Soul Coughing. Sort of. He’s the […]

Metal Monday Volume 18 (5.16.11)

Karma to Burn are a band that when they put out an album, it will automatically go in my Top 5 for the year without hearing a single note off of it. Because they’re that good and I’m that confident in each album being a sonic slab of instrumental rock goodness. So what do these West Virginian boys sound like? Like awesome. Heavy riffs, thunderous drums, and a low end that can peel paint from the walls. In a word: Monolithic. They first […]

Support Good Music in 2011: Chapter 4 (Ulterior)

Wild in Wildlife is how you do a debut. If Hollywood ever gets so stupid that they have to remake The Hunger then I will be the first person to campaign for Ulterior to do the entire score. A UK-based rawk band, Ulterior’s first full-length just came out a few months ago but is easily one of the best albums this year. “Sex War Sex Cars Sex” is that song playing during the club scene in that ’80’s movie where the hero/heroine […]

Metal Monday Volume 17 (5.9.11)

Anomie is an album that has somehow managed to encapsulate all that Tim Skold is up to this point (Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, etc) yet go above and beyond into the future with guns blazin’. Teased for almost 2 years now and 15 years since his debut, Anomie is a brilliant return for Tim Skold . Starting with “(This Is My) Elephant”, Anomie gives off a vibe more in the vein of Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen” then say, “Chaos”, the lead song off […]

KMFDM…Doin’ it Again!

I always get incredibly excited when a new KMFDM is announced. They are definitely the AC/DC of industrial metal i.e. they do what they do and they do it well. Love ’em or hate ’em. For some reason when WTF?! was announced a few months ago, I got a little more excited than I usually do. They released “Rebels in Control” in December in support of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and “Krank” soon followed. They weren’t reinventing the wheel or anything but they definitely […]

Moving Mountains Will Move You.

If you thought the last few Thrice albums lacked that certain somethin’ somethin’ or you yearn for the days when The Receiving End of Sirens still put out music then Moving Mountains latest album, Waves, is for you. Their first for Triple Crown, Waves is a triumph through and through. Waves is such a departure for Moving Mountains , yet not. If you listen to Pneuma and this back-to-back it’s like two different bands. This isn’t a bad thing (And Pneuma did come out […]

Kenna Has Arrived…again.

Any announcement of new music from Kenna is a cause for celebration. End of story. Land 2 Air Chronicles I was originally slated to come out in March but  I’ll take late Kenna over no Kenna any day. He’s a musical genius plain and simple. Listening to Kenna puts a smile on my face. Land 2 Air Chronicles I came out this week and it’s the first of 3 EP’s which will serve as a prelude for his 3rd full-length […]

Metal Monday Volume 15 (4.25.11)

Eric Powell is one of the most unappreciated architects of industrial music. If you are a fan of industrial music and don’t know who 16Volt are then you should be ashamed of yourself. I got into the band later in their career when SuperCoolNothing was released in 1998 and have followed them religiously ever since. On a side note, I literally got into them the day after they came to Boston on some Slipdisc package tour on Lansdowne Street. Seeing that […]

Support Good Music in 2011: Chapter 3 (Middle Class Rut)

I’m gonna change the title of this column to “Buy this damn album already because I told you to, ok?”. Catchy, right? Seriously, Middle Class Rut’s No Name No Color is a great album. Take the hypothetical baby from Tom Delonge and Perry Farrell and Cedric Bixler (Three Men and a Baby anyone???), have him front a band that sounds like Death From Above 1979, At The Drive-In, and Queens of the Stone Age with some Tome Morello thrown in for good measure […]