Fountains Of Wayne was so much more than “Stacy’s Mom”.

Although I, like many, discovered the New Jersey-based power-pop band via that smash song (which, inexplicably, got them nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy despite coming from their third album), I’m very much aware that there was a “before” and very much an “after”. Although “Stacy’s” parent album, Welcome Interstate Managers, remains FoW’s masterwork, their subsequent albums, Traffic & Weather and Sky Full Of Holes, had much to recommend.

It’s been a solid half-decade since Holes‘ release, and while lead singer Chris Collingwood has been promising a solo effort for a while now, he’s just now unveiled “Aeroplane”, the first single from his new project Look Park. The album comes out July 22nd, and “Aeroplane” finds Chris not deviating far from FoW’s signature sound. I’m not sure if this means the end of the band…but if the rest of the album sounds like this, I won’t be boo-hooing their demise very much.

Check the track out below. I’m certainly digging it.

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