There has been conversation about a New Edition movie for nearly two decades. Certainly, the long-running R&B group has endured enough joy, pain and (yes) heartbreak over the course of its 35 year career to fill up 2 hours of screen time. Just yesterday, it was announced that a 3-part BET miniseries will chronicle the ups and downs of the legendary sextet quartet quintet vocal group.

Because nothing New Edition-related comes without at least a little bit of drama, it’s worth noting that only five of the six New Edition members have signed on as executive producers of the project. The missing member? Wild card Bobby Brown. Granted, Bobby’s dealing with a level of personal upheaval that no one deserves, so his absence might not mean anything other than that he’s taking some time out following the death of his child. Then again, it is Bobby. So, who knows?

Filming will start on the miniseries in the early part of 2016. I’m definitely curious to see what the finished product looks like, and although I don’t have BET, you’d better believe I’ll find a way to watch. While I’d personally be more interested in an oral history or an authorized biography, I’m still glad that this long-discussed movie is finally coming to fruition. Now, if we can get a new album…

To whet your appetite, check out Part 1 of the New Edition “Behind The Music” episode below.

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