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It’s been almost 2 1/2 years since Frank Ocean unveiled Channel Orange, his Grammy-winning debut (sort of.) That opus still gets regular burn from me, and stands as one of the most recent complete album statements made in this fragmented musical climate.

A new Ocean album has been rumored for a hot minute: many (including myself) were hoping that it would arrive this year. Considering it’s now December, that seems doubtful. However, we do know that Frank has logged studio time, the hope is that an album coming soon, and the recently unveiled “Memrise” might be an indicator that Ocean is wrapping things up.

“Memrise” is a short track, almost like an interlude, with typically sensual lyrics. It definitely goes a little left, but that’s to be¬†expected from the singer-songwriter. I almost feel like the track is too short for me to even have a real opinion of it. It speaks a lot to my appreciation for Ocean that I ran for the nearest computer as soon as I heard that the track was available, though.

So what do you think, folks?

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