As you know, we here at Popblerd HQ are big Tribe Called Quest/Q-Tip fans. If you don’t believe us, check out the podcast we posted last week. You didn’t think I was gonna miss an opportunity to promote that, did you?

Anyway, as it happens, ATCQ Major Domo Q-Tip was the subject of a lengthy BBC profile recently, and he revealed a couple of tasty morsels that fellow Tongues fans may be interested in.

-There is a TV series based on the Native Tongues that is being shopped by Tip in association with Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill and apparently it’s very close to being picked up. I’d watch it (although it’ll likely be on a cable network that I’ll have to jump through hoops to see it on.)

-A 25th anniversary edition of Tribe’s seminal Low End Theory album is being prepped for next year (a year ahead of the album’s actual 25th anniversary.) Nevertheless, that’s enough good news to make me temporarily lose my shit. Not only could Low End use a bump up in the fidelity department, but I’m curious what the trove of unreleased material Tip discusses consists of.

-Tip’s fourth third long-discussed solo album The Last Zulu will allegedly be released this winter. Given the album’s lengthy gestation, I’m not holding my breath. But I’m saving a spot for it on my year-end Top 10 list anyway.

You’ll also hear from Nas, Pharrell and legendary engineer Bob Power over the course of the interview. It’s a good listen.

-Also, nice to know that the guy who c0-created Beats, Rhymes & Life (the album, not the movie) feels the same way about it I do.

Listen to more from Q-Tip below.

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