I’m still kicking myself for missing Marsha Ambrosius when she played Boston a couple of weeks ago. By all indications, it was a great show.

The British songstress has been releasing music at a near-superhuman clip so far in 2014. From her banging remake of Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” to her erotic FVCK & LOVE EP (which you should own if you have any designs on getting draws at any time this year,) anticipation for her proper sophomore album, Friends & Lovers, is at a fever pitch (even though her label appears to be on DAT BULLSHIT and there’s still no release date.)

Most recently, Miss Ambrosius has released “Run,” a beautiful piano ballad that seems tailor made to win all the Grammys. Check it out, and follow Marsha on Twitter. She’s quite entertaining.


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