Three reasons I like Liam Finn:

1) He is the progeny of Neil Finn, one of the greatest singer/songwriters in music history.

2) He is super-talented and can play any instrument you throw at him. Trust me. I’ve seen him in concert. He plays EVERYTHING (though obviously not at the same time.)

3) He’s cute as a fucking button. What?

Liam’s got a new album-his third-coming out later this year, and it’s preceded by a song entitled “Snug As Fuck.” I love the cheekiness of the song title, and the song itself is pretty good, but this video, y’all. Let’s discuss.

This video takes place on a fictional holiday called “Jubilancy Day,” and it contains some weird-ass rituals, to say the least. There’s some kind of rat celebration (culminating in a rat cake,) there’s a cross-dresser smashing some fruit or vegetable wine grapes-style in his/her bare feet, there’s lots of kissing, and…this is definitely not like any of the holiday celebrations I encountered as a child.

All of which is to say…it’s quirky, if not kinda creepy. But Liam gets a pass. See #3 above.


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