Not that I care much about “Girls,” after all I’m probably not the target demo, and I don’t have HBO anyway.

That said, the buzzy TV show‘s soundtrack, which arrives in February, has some intriguing names attached to it, like Beck, Vampire Weekend/Discovery’s Rostam Batmanglij, and my main man Miguel, whose space on the soundtrack is filled by a song called “Simplethings” (nice going on the Maxwell-style spelling, Miguel.)

This track gives me some serious Prince vibes, although it also sounds suspiciously (lazily?) like a couple of tracks off of Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream LP in addition to “#Beautiful,” his recent hit with Mariah Carey. Might be time to introduce a couple more chords into the musical mix. That said, I dug this upon first listen, and hell, you can’t expect innovation every time. Right?

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