One day, I will get to New Orleans. I swear it.

There are a few things I need before I go, though. One is a travel partner (which might be the primary reason I haven’t gone yet.) Another is the finances. One might be to lose 15 or so pounds so I won’t be too freaked out when I gain 15 or so pounds from eating and drinking down there.

The other is a reason to go.

There are two big events that always spark my “OHGODIGOTTAGOTONEWORLEANS” reflex. One is, of course, Mardi Gras. The other is the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, more commonly known as JazzFest.

For the first time since I found out about this event ten or so years ago, though, I’m pretty OK with not going. The lineup, in my opinion, is kind of weak. I might feel that way just due to my current ennui with regards to most music nowadays. Something else to consider is that I’ve already seen twenty or so acts on the bill and I don’t care too much to see them a second time. I love Vampire Weekend, but I was kind of disappointed the one time I see them live. And while the Springsteen show I saw was amazing, I’m just not a big enough fan that I have much interest in seeing him a second time.

Other bands performing include The Arcade Fire, Robert Plant, John Fogerty, Public Enemy, Christina Aguilera (?),  Chaka Khan, Robin Thicke, The Alabama Shakes, and of course, a host of regional artists that will likely bring more heat and soul to their shows than the classic rock dinosaurs roaming the water.

Get a look at the full lineup by watching the video below…and maybe I’ll see y’all at JazzFest 2015?

Dates for JazzFest 2014 are April 25-27 and May 1-4.


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