PLUS: Foster The People‘s 2011 debut, Torches, was an excellent pop album. It was like a cross between a more danceable Vampire Weekend (without the blue-blood lyrics) and Passion Pit (without Michael Angelakos’s occasionally ear-piercing falsetto.) Of course, “Pumped Up Kicks” was ubiquitous that summer, but “Call It What You Want,” “Helena Beat,” “Don’t Stop” (which featured a hilarious video co-starring Gabby Sidibe) and other songs were just as good.

MINUS: Foster The People went on the Grammy Awards, performed in a tribute to the Beach Boys, and threw one of the biggest stinkbombs in the history of the ceremony. Leader Mark Foster looked like a deer in the headlights sharing the stage with Brian Wilson. Although, it should be noted that he also shared the stage with Adam Levine, so he shouldn’t have been that intimidated.

PLUS: After a (rare these days) three year break, Foster The People are returning with a new album called Supermodel. It’ll be released on March 18th and is preceded by a snappy little tune entitled “Coming Of Age.”

It’s a bit more guitar-centric than the songs on Torches, but still pretty recognizable as a Foster The People song. There aren’t a ton of new pop bands out there that are as recognizable. Seriously–I couldn’t pick out a OneRepublic song if you smacked me across the face with it.

Check it out-these guys have pop smarts. And at least they try to make right with a bit of a Beach Boys homage at the song’s conclusion.

Track list forĀ Supermodel:

1. “Are You What You Want to Be”
2. “Ask Yourself”
3. “Coming of Age”
4. “Nevermind”
5. “Pseudologia Fantastica”
6. “The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones”
7. “Best Friend”
8. “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon”
9. “Goats in Trees”
10. “The Truth”
11. “Fire Escape”
12. “Tabloid Super Junky”

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