Who said R&B cats don’t have a sense of humor?

Singer/songwriter Zo! (joined by his boys Eric Roberson and Phonte Coleman-whose sense of humor is already quite established if you follow him on Twitter) just released the video for his jam “We Are On The Move.”

If the video looks familiar, you might want to think back a few years to the Whispers’ unintentionally hilarious video for “Keep On Lovin’ Me.” Hey, it was 1983. Production values (and budgets) were a hell of a lot different then.

So, triple-hell, quadruple your pleasure, because we’ve also included The Whispers‘ video here in case you’ve never seen it. Or in case you’ve seen it before and just want to laugh your ass off about things like the bearded Whisper in the back doing a weird curb-stepping dance move. Repeatedly.

Seriously-two dope jams, two great videos. Don’t say we never gave you anything. You can purchase both songs below.

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