Best In MeLast May, we alerted you to the return of soul singer/songwriter Remy Shand, after a decade of what we can only assume was a life in the Canadian version of the Witness Protection program.

Remy, whose 2002 debut The Way I Feel was a jam and a half, seemed to not miss a beat with the songs he was posting on YouTube, like “Wherearewegoing.”

It looks like Remy will continue to gain momentum in 2014, as less than a week into the new year, he’s graced us with a new jawn entitled “The Best In Me.” The track was just released on Remy’s Bandcamp page. Although I was initially freaked out by the WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING WITH HIS VOICE in the beginning of the song, I quickly settled down and fell in love with this tune.

Is it possible that 2014 could bring us new music from Remy, Maxwell and D’Angelo? Eh, probably not. But at least one of them is making some noise early in the year!

Purchase “The Best In Me” here.

And for a refresher course, here’s a little old school Remy:

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