So, what did you guys think of the Heavy D. episode of “UnSung” that aired earlier this week?

I thought it dragged a little bit (what was up with the last 15 years of Hev’s life getting maybe five minutes of air time?) but gave props to an artist who was the equal in popularity (if not exactly in influence) as Public Enemy and LL Cool J during rap’s golden era. Plus, the Meyers family is extra sharp. Moms, pops, the brother-there’s no question where Hev got his style influence. I love to see my fellow West Indians looking so good.

At any rate, Hev’s first major R&B hit was the absurdly funky “We Got Our Own Thang.” One of my favorite moments of the “UnSung” doc featured producer Teddy Riley talking about how he came up with this song’s beat. It’s classic New Jack Swing, with a positive message about being your own person and a super-stylish video. This song also reminds me of sitting at home watching “Video Soul” back in the day and my uncle cracking jokes about how many different kinds of food Hev mentioned in the song’s first verse (Coca-Cola, Chicken McNuggets, Big Macs, flapjacks…)

Aren’t polka-dots back in style now?



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