Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam, PEARL JAM!!!! The last time Pearl Jam had a new album out was 2009’s Backspacer which, for me at least, was kind of a blip on the radar of magnificent Pearl Jam releases. Since then, there have been the inevitable side projects and relentless touring as well as a certain drummer of the band reuniting with some other Seattle band for an album and subsequent tour (Soundgarden).

But I digress.

PJ is now back with Lightning Bolt and from what I’ve heard so far it’s a pretty stellar record. Plus, age has seemed to loosen up the usually media apprehensive group having recently licensed a buttload of songs to ESPN in addition to “Mind Your Manners” being used in tonight’s episode of Sons Of Anarchy. KBOX will have your full review sooner rather than later.

Local heavy giants Doomriders have their latest, Grand Blood, in stores today and it is by far the best album the band has done to date. I reviewed this guy a few weeks back. Here’s a refresher for you. In other heavy news, Florida metallers Trivium is back with Vengeance Falls which was produced by Device/Disturbed frontman David Draiman.

Sir Paul McCartney is back with a “new” album entitled, ahem, New. It’s his sixteenth studio album overall and first in almost six years. As far as veterans go, let’s not overlook Gary Numan who also returns with Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind). If you’ve been a fan of his post-2000 industrial sound then this one is for you!

Also of note is the Ryan Adams-produced Fall Out Boy EP PAX AM Days which is about ten minutes long in total and a pretty fun and rocking companion to the previously released Save Rock and Roll full-length.

For a complete list of the week’s big releases please check out our friends over at Pause & Play.



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