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Miguel might need to chill for a minute, as he’s in danger of becoming just a mite overexposed.

His own Kaleidoscope Dream won a Grammy, is just about Gold, and garnered the singer opportunities ranging from Saturday Night Live to his unforgettable Billboard Awards performance.

He’s also been featured on songs from artists ranging from Talib Kweli to Mariah Carey. Granted, the songs are good, but…you want to leave the public wanting more.

Anyway, Miguel’s latest featured appearance is on Janelle Monae’s “Prime Time.” It’s the brand new single from Monae’s The Electric Lady album, and musically, it’s got a much stronger Miguel flavor than Monae flavor. It’s seductive and a little Prince-like.

The video, however, is very much Monae. She’s a cocktail waitress, he’s a patron, and they probably bond over their identical hairdos.

Jokes aside, the video is fun and the song is pretty dope. Give it a look.

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