“Take Back The Night” features Justin Timberlake at his Jackson-est, so it’s pretty natural that I dig the song a little heavier than I dig most of JT’s stuff.

It would also stand to reason that I dig the cover recorded by singer/songwriter Caleb Hawley, who I discovered courtesy of my good friend and podcast partner Michael Parr (who found Caleb on…wait for it…American Idol.) The acoustic re-rub of JT’s latest hit is pretty damn dope.

Caleb’s music is worth checking out beyond the Timberlake covers. Over the course of three albums, he’s successfully traversed the waters of folk, rock and soul. His voice is equally capable of Ray LaMontagne-esque spare balladry and Stevie Wonder-ish joyful funk. The man can write a song, too. Check it out…

Check him out on Facebook and Twitter, and buy his first two albums on CDBaby.

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