In this special edition of the Popblerd podcast, Zack (“Gonzo“) and Tristan are joined by special guests Brandon Szuminsky and Matt Albright (of Hyped Up Hockey fame) as the group chats about five years of AMC’s Breaking Bad, lauded as one of the best TV dramas of the last decade. We laugh, we guffaw, we do some armchair analyzing of the series, and truthfully, we just scratch the surface of this drama-rich program in this spoiler-rich podcast.

-We start off with our visceral reactions to the show’s finale, which aired the night prior to our recording session. Beyond our individual reactions, we address the common criticism that while the finale was satisfying, it was perhaps underwhelming.

-We briefly discuss favorite characters. Brandon is enamored with Marie’s kleptomania, Matt argues for Team Walt, Zack’s favorite characters are all dead.

-We discuss the complexities of Walter White and the legacy of Heisenberg. Are you on Team Hank or Team Walt? We pull in Paul Johnson’s analysis of Walt based on Claire Sisco King’s arguments about American cinema as reflecting contemporaneous cultural notions of masculinity. Brandon hates the Nazis. The group agrees that Gustavo Fring is a badass.

-Tristan prompts us to consider the minimal but effective use of music in the series, and the even greater attention paid to acoustic space.

-We discuss the significance that Albuquerque plays in the show, arguably a character in and of itself (despite not being the crew’s first choice for shooting). Brandon and Matt hate on Weeds, Zack barely puts up a struggle.

-Everybody Hates Skyler, and the importance of comedic relief in such an emotionally intense show.

-Is Breaking Bad indicative of changing dynamics in the TV marketplace? We all admit to falling victim to binge watching, which may help rather than hurt viewer loyalty.

-In lieu of traditional recommendations, we reflect on our favorite moments from the series.

You can download the podcast directly here, or use the handy player below.


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