Doomriders-Grand-Blood-new-album-2013Doomriders and Deathwish know how to plug a leak. When DR’s third album hit the web almost three weeks before its October 15th street date, the band and label acted swiftly and unleashed pre-orders complete with a digital download of the entire album instantly. It quenched fan fervor for the upcoming album and it’s also why you’re reading this review now (I went with the vinyl version myself).

Grand Blood is the name of their third album and it is an absolute beast. Nate Newton and the gang prove beyond a doubt that Doomriders is anything but a side band when he’s not mixing it up with Converge. A sonic evolution that’s every bit as “grand” as the title suggests, Grand Blood hits the nail on the head with each and every song contained within.

Whether it’s the thunderous “New Pyramids” that leads the charge after “Intro” and features new drummer Q (Formerly of Clouds) bashing away or the raucous energy of  “Bad Vibes” and “Back Taxes”, Grand Blood is easily the most solid yet diverse album the MA natives have released thus far.

When it comes to diverse, I’d be remiss not to mention “Gone To Hell” which stands out not only because sonically it’s the best song on here (Chris Pupecki and Newton’s guitars seamlessly mesh with Jebb Riley’s low end making the riffage almost Kyuss-like) but also because it’s the first where Newton really sings adapting a croon that’s somewhere between Danzig and Alice In Chains (Due to the layered vocal harmonies).

Grand Blood is available on October 15th through Deathwish, Inc. Don’t be a dick and illegally download it. Go here and choose from a variety of options and get a legit download right now.

Grade: A+


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