Rivals 2 season finale

Before we get to the finale, you should check out the podcast I did with Carmen (@carmenkiew). We talked for over 50 minutes about The Challenge including this Rivals 2 season and seasons past. I also compare CT and Diem to Brandon and Kelly. I can really get a 90210 reference in anywhere.

Last week, we were left hanging on a cliff. In part one of the final challenge, CT and Wes went beast mode. It made me wonder what CT’s most beast mode moment was.

And then I remembered, of course, it was this.

(GIF via Carmen)

The two female teams who moved on to the second portion of the finale were Emily and Paula (as predicted by yours truly) and Cooke and Cara Maria (my sleeper team when the whole thing started). But what about the second male team? Jordan and Marlon aka the rookies and Johnny Bananas and Frank were racing hard for that second spot when part one ended. All we know is that someone’s boat was turned over and everyone shrieked. So that’s where we are.

And as CT said, “It’s game time.”

Rivals 2 finale

:01 – It was Jordan and Marlon’s boat that turned over. Wait, Marlon can’t swim!

:02 – CT and Bananas finish in second and will go toe to toe with CT and Wes for the Rivals 2 title.

:04 – All that money MTV makes and second place only wins $35,000? And they have to split it? That’s how TLC went bankrupt.

:04 – They are now on Nightmare Island. They have to complete five check points to retrieve idols to win the whole thing. This looks like a very hard treasure hunt.

:11 – CT and Wes complete their puzzle at the first check point. Cooke and Cara Maria, who were way behind because the final challenge started with a swim, beat Emily and Paula at the first check point.

:17 – For puzzle two, they all have to solve for X in a geometry problem. CT and Wes are perplexed. Frank has issues multiplying 1 x 1.

:19 – CT and Wes do a lot of guessing and get lucky and come up with the answer. Cooke and Cara basically cheat off CT and Wes and come up with the answer too. This isn’t quite as good as the Challenge spelling bee, but it’s not far off.

:25 – Emily solves it and Frank and Johnny copy her so they both finally advance. And checkpoint #3 is a nasty food challenge. What is this, Survivor?

:27 – Cooke says the fish soup they have to drink tastes like vomit.

:32 – No one can hold the fish soup down and it’s a chorus of puking. Well, except Paula. She owns it like she’s downing Gatorade.

:34 – CT and Wes finish first, but not after CT pukes a waterfall of stuff. Emily and Paula, the human garbage disposal, lap Cooke and Cara Maria and take the lead. Bananas and Frank are stuck arguing.

:40 – Cara Maria just performed the longest puke in history. It went on for about 10 seconds and was coming out of her eye lids.

:45 – The strength part of the final challenge involves carrying body bags together across a field. Wes fades which allows Johnny and Frank to nearly catch up. Emily and Paula do well while Cooke ends up yelling at Cara Maria for being the weak link.

:55 – CT and Wes have to dig up sand until they get to a trap door which lets them go under the ground to find the fifth idol. After Wes grabs it, CT tells him, “I love you.”

:56 – Emily and Paula get to the fifth idol too.


CT and Wes
Emily and Paula

:58: Johnny says CT deserves it after all this time. And they show this again.

(GIF via Carmen)

:59 – “I love you Wes.”

1:00 – CT, Wes, Emily, and Paula make it to the yacht. They all hug each other even though they smell of puke and fish guts soup.

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