Eddie Murphy's Red Light

I’d wanted to share this when it was released just over two weeks ago, but the website was down. So please don’t “late slip” me.

While pal Arsenio is back in the late night game, Eddie is back in the music game.

Boggie In Your Butt this is not. Party All The Time this is not. Put Your Mouth On Me this is not. It’s not even Whatzupwitu.

Instead, it’s a reggae cut in which Murphy looks at societal ills and misses the time when someone would just say, “Everything is alright.” (Murphy’s last full length solo album was called “Love’s Alright”.)

Snoop Lion jumps on near the end of the track to add some of his own marijuana-laced flavor.

I don’t know what to expect from Murphy’s second single, let alone album if it ever comes out. And while I’m not so sure Red Light will set the world on fire (currently not on the iTunes Top 200 singles), it’s fun to see Murphy back doing creative things, even if it’s not stand-up or comedies.

Check out the video below.

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