Rivals 2 podcast

On this edition of The Reality Check Podcast, Carmen Kiew (@carmenkiew) – GIF expert, gamer babe, San Francisco Giants fan, writer for Bay Area Sports Guy, and best of all, die-hard watcher of MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals 2 – joins me to discuss two entirely different subjects.

In part one, which goes until about 26:25, we talk Giants baseball. In part two, which goes on for over 50 minutes, we focus solely on Rivals 2.

Part one discussion

– How she became a fan, her favorite moment, and her favorite player

– How she got into making GIFs (hard G as it’s not peanut butter) of plays and her process

– How she became part of Bay Area Sports Guy and also her connection with broadcaster Martie Lurie

– How Twitter enables the voice of the female sports fan

– Her thoughts on the polarizing Brandon Belt (who we both love) and the disappointing Giants season overall

Part two discussion

– What theme is our favorite and what should they do next year

– The fear of a possible Real World cancellation and how that would affect the Challenge

– Who they should bring back for future Challenges

– Who are our favorite contestants

– Favorite moments from this season

– Who we think will win on Wednesday

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Right click to download or stream below.

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