Holograms-ForeverOn their second album, Sweden’s Holograms spearhead  a new wave of post punk revivalism with an album that’s a more focused affair then the still equally brilliant Holograms. Forever drops barely a year after their debut made waves and unlike most expedited sophomore albums, this one doesn’t suffer from the “Quick! We have to get a new album out” syndrome.

There is absolutely no other band making music like this today. If you combined the gothic overtones of The Cure’s seminal Pornography with the post punk apocalyptic vision of Killing Joke’s legendary debut then Forever is probably what you’d get.

“A Sacred State” blasts out of your speakers with enough inertia to do some serious damage. I liken it to getting a needle of adrenaline to your chest because it hits that hard (I assume at least as I’ve never had the experience…). The two singles are up next with “Flesh And Bone” breeding more anthems and “Meditations” breeding bodily harm with alternating cries of “Redemption!” and “Seduction!” during the chorus on top of a lush synth.

“Attestupa” has been a mantra for me lately with its’ “I’m So Tired!” refrain and Simon Gallup-like bass lines. “Luminous” and “Rush” are both heavily synth driven with the former featuring some massive guitar lines while the latter tends to be bass driven along with the electronics. Later still, “Laughter Breaks The Silence” is Interpol with a little more “oomph” and some guitar riffs Paul Banks wished he could write.

A solid second release from a band that is continually moving up, Forever is a must have in any collection.

Forever is out through Captured Tracks on September 3rd. Get yours here.

Grade: A+



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