deathpoint_coverOntario’s Deathpoint is a new (er) metal outfit that you should definitely pay attention to. On their latest (And first to feature former Odium vocalist Tom Emmans), Sinister, Deathpoint avoid the sophomore slump with an album that is worth the wait (Their debut landed in 2010) and well thought out.

Opener “Between The Lines” is a hard rocker for sure but just barely scratches the surface of what the rest of Sinister has to offer.  Second track “For Your Eyes Only” is a better indication of what Sinister (And Deathpoint) is all about combining sweeping melodies with bone crunching riffs. Vocalist Emmans seems to channel Aaron Lewis and Flaw’s Chris Volz throughout this one adding so much  more depth to the song. Pile on some intricate guitar riffing that could give Adam D a run for his money and you have a pretty awesome little ditty.

We reviewed the title track a little while back and it’s just as punishing within the context of its’ namesake with Emmans again displaying a wide range of vocal prowess. “Sick Sick Sick” ups the thrash ante considerably combining Dez/Devildriver-style growls and vocal attacks with In Flames meet KSE riffage while “Condemned To Suffer” gets a little creepy but is still a headbanger’s delight overall.

If you haven’t heard of Deathpoint yet then now is the time to start paying attention. Sinister is out through Spread The Metal records on October 1st.

Grade: B+


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