Racist Amanda's boobs and Racist AarynBefore we get to where we left off, Big Brother sleuths unveiled some incriminating live video from the house the other night. In the video, both Amanda and Racist Aaryn made hateful remarks against Asians, showing an even more despicable and ugly attitude than ever before.

And really, Amanda’s boobs were just as bad or worse than Racist Aaryn. We might have to rename her Racist Amanda’s boobs.

Their attitudes are deplorable and if there is fairness in the Big Brother house, both will go home before long. If you want to check out their hateful remarks, you can watch online. Word to my buddy DWizzle who sent it out on Twitter.

Where We Last Left You

As we told you in our spoiler-rific post last week, Elissa won the HOH after outlasting everyone in a game of catch. Judd also got back into the house by outlasting the four other jurors in the game of catch.

The big question was who would Elissa put up? Because of Helen’s influence, it seemed that she would go for the big game move by putting up Racist Amanda’s boobs and McCrae. But instead, she chose the person who gave her most grief throughout and put up Racist Aaryn. On the other side, she put up McCrae, with the thinking that if McCrae went off the block, she could put Racist Amanda’s boobs up instead. Well, that backfired.

They played a game of stamina for veto, which you’ve seen before if you’re a Big Brother fan. They had to roll a ball over a small hill and run to the other side and catch it before it hit the ground. And then had to do this 250 times in a row. At some point, Judd and Elissa were doing well but both dropped the ball. It was down to Amanda and Gina Marie in the end and the racist big-boobed one won. There went Elissa’s plan. Amanda pulled McCrae off the block and Elissa put up Andy.

Amanda also went on the offensive with Elissa. She resorted to mean-girl tactics to piss Elissa off, which came off as really terrible. Amanda was already a heel, but now she’s one of Big Brother’s biggest heels of all time.

And that’s where we stand. Who will leave 3AM – Racist Aaryn or Andy?

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

– After the veto nomination, Racist Amanda’s boobs continued with the assault on Elissa, making fun of her constantly and then telling the house guests that she wants to punch her in the face and that if she sees anyone talking to Elissa, she’s targeting them for elimination.

– GM, Andy, Spencer, and Judd create an alliance called The Exterminators, hoping to exterminate Amanda and McCrae.

– Amanda tells Aaryn that Andy was with them before she was.

– Aaryn tried to convince Amanda to keep her instead of Andy because she’s been HOH four times and never put up Amanda and McCrae.

Live Vote

Judd votes to evict Racist Aaryn. I think that’s the first time she’s ever received a vote.
Spencer votes to evict Racist Aaryn.
Gina Marie votes to evict Racist Aaryn. She’s going home.
Amanda votes to evict Racist Aaryn.
McCrae votes to evict Racist Aaryn.

So long Aaryn. Please don’t go to any Asian restaurants when you get out. Your food might just be messed with.

Julie called Aaryn on some of her racist comments and she didn’t remember saying them. She thought they were more in jest. The crowd booed her and laughed at her excuses.


This HOH competition is called Big Hopportunity. They have to grab an egg and maneuver it through a maze twelve times. Their feet are tied together so they are hopping to and from the maze. This is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Julie says that next week will be another double eviction.

If you don’t want to be spoiled about the HOH winner, don’t read any further. We will be adding the spoiler below.



According to BuddyTV, Gina Marie is the new HOH.

She’s already talking about putting up Amanda and McCrae while Amanda thinks that she can be GM’s best friend and get Elissa out. Fun times.

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