Cooke and Cara MariaWe’ve been keeping a close eye on MTV’s fantastic show, The Challenge: Rivals II. Before this season started, we handicapped the season, giving you thoughts on who had the best chance in winning Rivals II.

I wanted to check in to see how my predictions were doing.

Here’s a list of the teams who have been eliminated:

Dunbar & Tyrie
Anastasia & Jessica
Sarah & Trishelle
Derek & Robb
Trey & Zach
Jasmine & Theresa
Leroy & Ty
Jonna & Nany

Out of all of the eliminated teams, only Trey and Zach were ranked highly by us.

Here’s what I originally wrote about this team:

I feel like Zach can carry most people, but Trey was a bit of a baby in the Battle Of The Seasons. Zach is an alpha male-type and he’s going to break Trey. That will be their undoing.

And if you think about it, it’s kind of what happened. They were disqualified in the challenge because Zach was trying to carry Trey by jumping the gun and doing his work for him. And Trey was like a little puppy dog around him. He didn’t want to upset him at all.

So we’re sitting pretty.

A month ago, we posted our list of the best male contestants in the house (aka five great, great men). We promised a similar list for the female contestants.

Here’s our countdown to the baddest chick in the game:

5. Nany

Nany is like Eminem. She doesn’t give a duck. You remember this scene from the very first episode of her Real World Las Vegas season.


Nany meet Heather. Heather meet Nany. Now make out.

I was looking for more Nany related stuff online and found what might be my favorite. Beware. It’s not explicit, but it’s definitely not okay to browse while on the job. If you need, you can watch on Daily Motion. Just remember that I warned you.

You remember that while in Las Vegas, she roomed with Leroy and Cooke (who makes an appearance on this list). Cooke brought a guy home and Leroy and Nany decided to sneak in the room to see Cooke get busy. At some point, Cooke asks her for some vaseline (ahem) and she helps her girl out and brings her some. At that point, she jumps on the bed seemingly ready to join Cooke and her friend. Cooke embarrassed her and she didn’t go for it, but we were an eye lash away from getting some Cooke/Nany/bland white guy threesome action. Let’s just say that Nany is great.

Nany has brought that fun spirit into the Challenge house. After Marlon messed with Derek, he flexed his bisexualness and hung out with Nany. Her reply? She was all for it. She didn’t care if Marlon was bisexual. She was down for the cause.

Nany’s not a super strong athletic player, but she’s got mad social game. While she and Jonna lost and had to leave last night, I think Nany’s a lifer. She’s going to be on many Challenges in the future. How can you not love her?

4. Cara Maria

I’m not sure why I like Cara Maria so much. She has a unique look and charisma.

She makes wacky tweets like this:

I don’t WANT someone who I don’t respect to LIKE me. If that type of a sucky person likes me, what kind of person does that make me? #think

She has a sense of humor and impersonates her cast mates.

But overall, I think it’s her grit and determination. When she came in as Naomi’s replacement, she joined amidst silence and some boos. People didn’t want to see her in the game. She’s a bit of a polarizing figure. She’s an outcast. Someone who gets crazy dreadlocks, has abnormal sex with Abram, and doesn’t fit the model female contestant. And yet, as the outcast, she keeps coming back. She and Cooke have a real good shot at winning this season.

Well, if she can figure out how to swim.

3. Paula

If there was a Real World comeback award, wouldn’t Paula get it? And if there were, Tonya would finish last.

On her Real World Key West season, she was known to be bulemic and also had issues with an abusive boyfriend. On future Challenges, she was constantly getting into fights and was the butt of many jokes. It didn’t help that she was often found passed out. However, in the more recent Challenges, she’s been quite the competitor, winning the original Rivals. She’s also been in the most Challenges (and this is truly a guess as I don’t know that there’s a Challenge database out there) of all the contestants. Check out her Challenge run: The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Island, The Duel II, Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II. She’s like the San Antonio Spurs of the Challenge.

And she’s poised to win again. She’s pissed off the alpha females enough to be paired up with them in Rivals. She and Evelyn, the single best Challenge player I’ve ever seen, won the first Rivals and now she’s paired up with Emily who is the second best Challenge player I’ve ever seen. Who is the third? I’m going with Miz. Johnny Bananas would be fourth. And then maybe CT.

You don’t have to be the best. You just have to team up with the best.

2. Cooke

Cooke and EmilyCooke was drafted by the professional soccer team, Washington Spirit earlier this year. She was cut and decided to play for a USL W-League team in Santa Clarita and is heading to the Philippines to play for the national team. The girl is a hustler.

She’s a damn good player and never stops competing. She’s the brawn and the brains behind her twosome with Cara Maria.

She’s athletic to a fault. Because of her supreme athleticism, she’s an immediate target. And because she has the polarizing Cara Maria on her team, that makes her a target as well.

What amazes me is that she’s just a rookie, but unlike Marlon, Jordan, Anastasia, and Jessica, she hasn’t been treated like one. That’s mad respect, yo.

1. Emily

As if this was any surprise. She’s the new Eve. From a competition perspective, she’s the single best player I’ve ever seen.

Her first challenge was on Cutthroat and she finished third. Her second season was the Battle Of The Exes and she had to carry that sack of nothingness, Ty. Now she and Ty have quite the past and she made a terrible error by putting on black face as a way to joke around with him. But he’s been just as bad to her, including physically grabbing her. So we’ll call that a wash.

She shares fitness tips. She instructs how to do sit-ups correctly on YouTube. And as you can tell by the photo below, she’s a straight up beast. Look at those hand prints.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 5.41.35 PM

She works out like a maniac, wants everyone to be healthy, and has a killer smile. She competes the hardest and no one wants to face her. On last night’s show, Camila went crazy and tried going after Johnny Bananas. Emily was like Dikembe Mutomobo. She tackled Camila and put a stop to the madness as if she was waving a finger saying, “No, no, no.” Camila couldn’t do anything and didn’t comprehend how someone could son her so easily.

Emily is truly the baddest chick in the game.

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