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The duo of singer/rapper Phonte and musician/producer Nicolay (AKA The Foreign Exchange) has been responsible for some of the best soul music of the past half-decade or so.

I didn’t really get into them until 2010’s Authenticity (their third album,) but the combination of Phonte’s soul-searching lyrics and Nicolay’s instrumental prowess (it’s like prog-rock meets contemporary R&B) made me go back and pick up their first two albums, and of course I bought this year’s The Reworks remix-with-kind-of-a-twist album (and you should, as well.)

Also, while I’m giving recommendations, you might want to check out Phonte’s solo record, Charity Starts At Home. I’ve got to give the guy props as one of the better rapper/singing combo guys out there, and I’ve also got to say that if you told me a decade ago that I’d be a huge fan of one of the members of Little Brother (Phonte’s old group-who I never really got into,) I would have laughed in your face.

ANYWAY…The Foreign Exchange is releasing a new studio album on 9/24, called Love In Flying Colors. The first single is actually TWO singles-“Call It Home” and “Pity.” Both songs are good, but “Pity” might be my favorite-it’s got a very hypnotic, mellow vibe that’s perfect for driving, singing along, or just chillin’ at home. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Oh hey, there’s a video too!

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