Avenged-Sevenfold-Hail-to-the-KingThe last week of August brings forth a trio of releases from some artists that I either a) Never cared about, b) Used to love but don’t care about now, and c) Kinda sort of like but don’t care about anymore.

As for a): There is something about Avenged Sevenfold that I vehemently hate. Is it that they’re headlining over deftones and Ghost on their upcoming tour or is it because, frankly, their music is awful? Regardless of my opinion, the kiddies still eat it up and they’re sure to eat up Hail To The King which I will protest by blasting Infestissumam very loudly all week.

Franz Ferdinand (“c” on my list if you’re keeping track) is back after a lengthy time away (four years!) which in music terms is a lifetime. I liked one of the tracks they released so far. The other, not so much. Does anyone still care though? In the meantime, here’s a refresher for you from Tristan who’ll also have an album review for you soon.

And then there’s Devildriver (“b” if you’re still paying attention), a band that I actually used to like who have turned into cookie cutter bland metal since their inception. However, after actually hearing the entirety of Winter Kills (Which our own KBOX will be reviewing later in the week) I can safely say that, for the time being at least, Devildriver is back!

In conclusion: A crappy week of releases to end a crappy month of releases (mostly)

Oh, and Goodie Mob is also back this week with their first new album in nine years and Big Money will have some words soon for y’all.

For a complete list go check out Pause & Play and then come back next week for Nine Inch Nails (And some other stuff but really, you know you only care about Nine Inch Nails).



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