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From the “out of nowhere” file, a new Guns n’ Roses track is now making the rounds online. With no contexts provided, it’s unclear as to whether this is a brand spankin’ new cut, an outtake from the abominable Chinese Democracy album, or some other unknown project.

Truthfully, I wanted to hate “Going Down.” But lo and behold, it’s actually a decent track. Nothing groundbreaking, but a good listen, save for Axl’s “harmonies.” Current (as far as we know) bassist Tommy Stinson (of The Replacements) takes over the lead vocal for “Going Down,” a driving, straightforward rocker that also suggests Stinson was at least partly responsible for writing the track.

Is there a new Guns n’ Roses album on the way? Do we want one? Even after the Chinese Democracy debacle, I’ll always at the very least have a curiosity of what Axl is up to, however morbid that curiosity may be.

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