Danity Kane reunionIs Danity Kane reuniting?

Danity Kane, created by the MTV/Diddy show Making The Band, has been making some noise and getting in the blogs lately. The all-girl group debuted at number one with their first two albums, their self-titled first album and their second, Welcome To The Dollhouse. They disbanded in early 2009 before they were able to record their third album.

There’s always been clamor for a reunion. There is talent within the group, even if their public image seemed to simply be based around Aubrey O’Day’s ample cleavage.

So what has everyone been doing since?

O’Day tried her hand at a reality show that was a hot mess and was also featured on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Dawn Richard stayed with Diddy and was part of his group Dirty Money. Aundrea Fimbres was my favorite voice of the group and her Wikipedia page shows her not doing a whole lot since the end of the group. D. Woods recently released an EP on iTunes. Shannon went a bit country and released an EP as well.

Danity Kane reunionWill there be a reunion? The clues are out there. It first started with a new Danity Kane Twitter account which currently features two tweets, one of which points to their website which shows a clock counting down. When is the clock supposed to strike zero? It’s set to expire next Sunday. What’s Sunday? Well, the MTV VMAs.

Aubrey’s Instagram shows a photo of her hanging out with Dawn. Dawn’s leads to the same photo.

I don’t know about you, but the clues are there and it’s a nice little savvy social marketing campaign to stir interest. Now, would it be better for MTV to actually promote their reunion? Yes, probably.

Also, will Diddy be involved? Will Johnny Wright be involved? Will choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson be involved? I need me some boom kacks in my life.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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