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Me to fellow Popblerd staffer Michael Parr after hearing Kendrick Lamar’s eye-popping verse on Big Sean’s new “Control.”:

Been a long time since I heard a verse that made me give the stank face.
That was a stank face rap.

In case you are new to this site, please be aware. I’m not a new jack. Not one of those guys who thinks Lil Wayne is the hottest shit out. Never heard a single song by anyone with the phrase “ASAP” in their name. I was around for not only the entire decade of the ’90s, but the entire decade of the ’80s, in hip-hop’s birthplace. Just for the sake of establishing credentials.

Someone should switch the billing to “Kendrick Lamar featuring Big Sean & Jay Electronica.”

This is what lyricism is about.

And for the idiots trying to start another coastal war after hearing Kendrick’s boast about being “the King of New York,” if put in its proper context (listen to the whole line, he says “I’m the new Makaveli, I’m the King of New York,” he’s obviously comparing himself to Biggie and ‘Pac, not asserting domination of an entire landmass, Christopher Columbus style.

Oh, right, this is a Big Sean song, right? He was a’ight. And is anyone still checking for Jay Electronica? Hell, it looks like even his baby mama Badu has moved on to Kendrick Lamar.

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