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Who are “The Manning Brothers” and what the heck does “F.O.Y.P.” stand for?

It’s real simple actually, the Manning Brothers are, of course, Peyton and Eli Manning, football stars for the Denver Broncos and New York Giants, respectively.

“F.O.Y.P.”? Well, that means “Football On Your Phone”.

How does something like this end up on our site and as a “Viewfinder”?

Because the Manning Brothers released a new DIRECTV ad, where the very white duo channel their inner-Lonely Island, and rap about watching “Football On Your Phone.” Oh, and because I have a slight man crush on Peyton Manning.

Last season Peyton returned to the football field after sitting out a season due to numerous neck issues. We questioned if he was back, and he proved that he was by having statistically his second best season of his career.

This season Peyton comes out firing again, proving that he’s back and ready to once again become the goofy, fun-loving face of the NFL. And this video proves just that.

Take a look before we breakdown the best Peyton/Eli commercials thus far.

Pretty funny, right?!

My favorite lines, “When you’re sitting on your throne…when you’re buttering a scone!” or when Anthony Anderson (or a look-alike) spills milk on his date’s blouse.

The video is hilarious, allows the Manning brothers to show off their mad-rapping skills (did I mention they were very, very white?), and puts Manning back in the spotlight, doing the thing Manning does second best – not being afraid to poke fun at himself for our entertainment. Did I mention that I heart Peyton?

Where would the above video rank in comparison with other Peyton/Eli commercials? I think I’d put it No. 2 behind 2011’s “Football Cops” trailer, a hilariously, entertaining commercial complete with ‘staches and shades, that left us all wishing for a sequel, and reminded me of a very low-budget, made for home entertainment, backyard video me, my little brother, and a couple of friends of ours made called “Gonna Getcha“. I won’t post the video here (link attached) but let’s just say when I see Eli in this video, I think of my baby brother and when I see Peyton … I only wish I could be as cool as him.

No. 1 – Football Cops (2011, DIRECTV)

No. 2 – “F.O.Y.P.” (2013, DIRECTV)

No. 3 – Manning Bowl II (2010, NBC)

Peyton and Eli faced off against each other for the second time in September 2010 (Peyton’s Colts triumphed 38-14 over Eli’s Giants), but perhaps the best part of their match-up was NBC’s commercial leading up to the game, with a competitive Eli pushing Peyton into the closet. He knows the only advantage he has over Peyton, is if big brother is trapped in the dark.

No. 4 – Summer Fun (2008, NBC)

Another NBC ditty, promoting the beginning of football season. This time the two are showing doing what they did all summer long – hanging out playing board games. Kinda bummed that Eli takes out Peyton in Connect Four. I dominated Connect Four in my Boys & Girls Club days, putting together a very Celtic-esque run of eight straight titles! How you like me now?

No. 5 – Matty? (2007, DIRECTV)

Peyton and Eli show up at their parent’s house, but realize their dad, Archie, has a new pal in quarterback Matt Leinart. Best line is when Archie whispers to Matty, “I always wanted a lefty.” Doesn’t every dad wish for a lefty?

No. 6 – Manning’s vs. Williams’: Oreo’s Double Stuff Racing League (2009, Oreo)

Serena and Venus Williams hold a press conference with Peyton and Eli, stating that they have joined the DSRL and are going to whoop some Manning butt! A little trash talk is had before Peyton finishes with, “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” That’s like the triple dog dare of trash talking! You can’t triple stamp a double stamp girls! Sorry!

No.  7 – This is Sportscenter: The Manning Brothers (2011, ESPN)

A flick of the ear, a wet willy, a behind-the-butt kick to the rear and a quick glance by Dad, as if to say, “Knock it off boys!” It’s all part of being brothers! Been there, done that!

No. 8 – Oreo’s Double Stuff Racing League (2008, Oreo)

Peyton and Eli announce that they plan on becoming two-sport athletes, and have joined the DSRL. Like most moms out there, Mrs. Manning is the only one to support her boys’ decision.

No. 9 – Trump Dome: Oreo’s Double Stuff Racing League (2010, Oreo)

“Cool it Johnny Touchdown!” Donald Trump as Donald Trump, and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump’s clone, team up against the Manning brothers. Except that they’re too busy talking about themselves that they lose to the Mannings.

No. 10 – PSA: Read to Your Kids (2006, Barksdale Reading Institute)

It’s a little cheesy, but it features all three Manning boys in their PJs and on their bunk bed, waiting for Dad to read them a story before bedtime.

None of them top Peyton’s faux United Way ad from Saturday Night Live, but they’re still entertaining.

Let us know which one you prefer by telling us in the comments.

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