showposterNot content with creating a show about nothing, Jerry Seinfeld has now invaded the interwebs with webisodes about nothing. As a fan of neither cars or coffee (unless it’s iced, of course!) Seinfeld’s latest foray into the public eye, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, is an endearing and honest internet show nonetheless that is about exactly what the name suggests: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

Made for the short attention-span audience, each episode lasts anywhere from 11 to 18 minutes and features a different scenario, a different car, and a different comedian along for the ride with Jerry. The second season just finished and while I’ve only seen a handful of episodes, I can tell you that all of them have been incredibly funny and entertaining. Whether he’s getting pulled over with Chris Rock in the Season 2 “finale”, talking about buying a small coffee shop with Dave Letterman (Dave: “Can we just ask these people to leave?” Jerry: “We don’t own this place…” Dave: “We can change that, though, can’t we?”) or scaring the bejeesus out of Ricky Gervais with his driving, Seinfeld’s wit (Along with his knowledge of cars!) is as sharp as ever.

Part of the fun is the pairings which puts Jerry with newcomers (Seth Meyers, Gad Elmaleh), old friends (Larry David, Michael Richards), and legends (Don Rickles, Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks) and then see what happens. But the real best part of the show? It’s free and available now. All sixteen episodes. If you’re a fan of cars, comedy, and coffee then this is something you need to watch, like, yesterday. Click the link below to get your first taste.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld.

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