I have now realized that to be posting this column weekly I need to be on top of what some of the new releases actually sound like. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet but I’ll take one for the team from time to time because I care about y’all.

Selena Gomez is back and better than ever? I don’t know as I’ve never owned an album but I’m sure some Beliebers and non-Beliebers are anxious to pick this one up. It’s definitely the biggest release as the dregs of July drag on/

On the heavier side of things is the debut album from Fight Or Flight, the new Disturbed off shoot band while frontman David Draiman satisfies his industrial metal needs

On the other side of things Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros is back with their third album through Vagrant. If you were a fan of the previous albums then this one is sure to satisfy your needs.

There’s also the latest from Gogol Bordello which I didn’t like much (but maybe you’ll feel differently?) or True Widow’s new one which I did like.

For the rest of the week’s releases, be sure to check out our friends over at Pause & Play and be sure to be here next week for new releases from Backstreet Boys (!) and Five Finger Death Punch!




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