Racist Aaryn

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Oh, racist Aaryn.

Where We Last Left You

Ever since Nick, the mastermind of The Moving Company alliance was voted out of the house to the surprise of the HOH, racist Aaryn, it’s been all down hill for the bad guys.

When we last left you, Helen had won the HOH and of course she was going to make some moves on the bad guys. GinaMarie cried for what seemed like days after Nick left even though Nick didn’t really like her. After Aaryn turned Candice’s bed over for no reason other than to be a mean girl (and then went racist on us again which you can see in the gif below), Candice made a wise crack about Nick and GinaMarie got in her face all New York crazy styles. Howard came in and stopped Candice from retaliating and brought a tear the eyes of the viewers.

Racist Aaryn

Helen nominated Aaryn and Kaitlyn (whose showmance with Jeremy is getting ridiculous) with the idea that her real target was Jeremy who may very well be the single strongest player in the house. When Elissa won the MVP again, Helen tried to talk her into nominating Howard because Howard wouldn’t confess to being part of The Moving Company. But Elissa didn’t want to be forced to vote for Howard so she voted for Spencer to be on the block. Amanda’s boobs (beware: link not necessarily SFW) were very upset that Elissa didn’t want to nominate Howard. The key to getting Jeremy on the block was to make sure that he didn’t play in or win the veto.

(By the way, the BBMVP is getting ridiculous. I was going to say that the same person shouldn’t be able to win it twice in a row, but now, Big Brother is asking America to vote for who they believe the third nominee should be, instead of who the BBMVP should be. So they’ve already changed the rules.)

Jeremy wasn’t chosen to be in the veto, but the second worse case scenario happened for Helen. Kaitlyn won the veto which meant that she could take herself off the block or keep herself on and hope that she didn’t get kicked out so that Jeremy wouldn’t be nominated. Alas, she came to her senses and took herself off the block and Helen replaced her with Jeremy. This was exactly what Helen wanted and her plan worked perfectly.

Jeremy, Aaryn, and Spencer are on the block and Spencer is really nothing more than a decoy because the bad guys don’t have enough numbers to get him.

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

GinaMarie crying – Aaryn, Amanda’s boobs, and McCrae hid some of GinaMarie’s Nick-related gifts and of course, she started crying again. Aaryn created the prank and ran away from it.

– Jeremy worked so hard to kiss butt and said he’d never put up Helen and Elissa and instead would put up his homies Kaitlyn and Aaryn. What a carny.

– Amanda’s boobs and McCrae – real relationship, or the world’s worst showmance? I’m not even sure their parents know.

Live Vote

Candice votes to evict Jeremy.
Andy votes to evict Jeremy.
Howard votes to evict Jeremy.
Elissa votes to evict Jeremy.
Kaitlyn votes to evict Spencer.
GinaMarie votes to evict Jeremy. (That was an interesting vote.)
Amanda votes to evict Jeremy. (It’s now official. He’s going home.)
McCrae votes to evict Jeremy.
Jessie votes to evict Jeremy.
Judd votes to evict Jeremy.

Jeremy is going home sweet home. Racist Aaryn got zero votes.


The challenge is called Big Brother Royalty and is based on who America thinks should be titled the following:
– The Earl Of Egotism: Aaryn – everyone got it right
– The Lord Of Laziness: McCrae – Andy, Amanda’s boobs, Candice and Elissa got it wrong
– The Baron Of Boneheads: GinaMarie – everyone got it right
– The Knight Of Naughtiness: Amanda – everyone got it right
– The Duke Of Dork: Andy – Aaryn, Jessie, and GinaMarie got it wrong
– The Sultan Of Sexy: Elissa – Howard and Spencer got it wrong

The tie-breaker question had to do with a challenge before hand and Judd beat out Kaitlyn and McCrae for the HOH.

Judd is your HOH.

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