pet-shop-boys-electric-coverI’m doing this. I really am! This is Big Money’s deal but I’m taking over the “New Release Report” for a little while because, frankly, I miss it. But enough rambling, onto the new releases…

We’re in the middle of July meaning…nothing is coming out. For the most part. First, there’s the solo outing from ex-Pantera/current Down frontman Phil Anselmo. I didn’t like it. A lot. You can go here to read why.

On the other side of the spectrum (And pond), British electro outfit Pet Shop Boys release Electric today and it is fantastic (I’m listening to “Shouting In The Evening” as I type right now!). There’s a full blown Popblerd review experience coming but for now I can tell you it’s truly fantastic and is exactly what the album title implies: Electric! Then there’s Mayer Hawthorne and his latest, Where Does This Door Go?, that our very own Gonzo reviewed here.

Filmmaker David Lynch also has a new full-length out as well along with Sara Bareilles and a children’s album from The Verve Pipe. These are weird times we’re living in people. Release weeks don’t lie. For a full rundown of this week’s releases, go check out Pause And Play.

How’d I do Big Money?


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