When I was in sixth grade, I’m not even sure if I knew my right from my left. The little dudes from Unlocking the Truth are in sixth grade, and they’ve got better metal chops than half the bands releasing albums today. How does that work?

Hell if I know, but if you’re the least bit interested in metal, you have to check these kids out. They’re three eleven year olds, from my home base in E.Flatbush, Brooklyn. They have style, they have swag, and they have talent. I read this profile of them on vice.com, then checked out some of their videos on YouTube, and was blown away. As meaningful to me is the fact that they’re three black kids who are not only playing instruments (and playing them well) but playing a genre of music that would be considered atypical for them to play. Post-racial America is well and good and all that crap, but I’ll admit to getting really good heart vibes whenever I see young black men walking their own path (and walking the right path.) Rock on, little dudes.

Next time I’m in NYC, I’ll go looking for them around Times Square. I kinda hope someone signs them and turns them into stars, but then I remember that a) the music business is historically unkind to talented children and b) I don’t want these guys to become commercialized and/or bitter before they turn 18.

Anyway, I know I’m not historically the metal guy, but seeing this made me way too happy to not celebrate it with a post. For more on the guys, go here.

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