a4282307420_2Four songs is all it will take to not only knock you on your ass but also completely ensnare you into the Purple Suns universe! That’s right, Purple Suns is back with an all new EP entitled YOURS. If you thought you knew Purple Suns after MINES, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

Having never had one myself, I can only imagine that lead track “Concussions” is a pretty good indicator of what one would feel like. It’s a cacophonous wall of thundering drums and staccato guitar attacks and a far departure from “Naked Eyes” which opened MINES. “Villain” is definitely more in tone with their last EP but adds some C.O.C.-style heavy blues boogie into the mix with a truly Sabbath-ian Iommi/Butler breakdown in the middle.

“Shadow Hoarde” came on and I honestly had to look at my playlist twice because this is not the same band who birthed MINES. Double bass drum kicks, heavy riffing and almost indecipherable vocals? Yeah, I’d say it’s a rager! While it might be jarring at first it fits with the rest of the mix here and flows seamlessly into closing track “Termites”, both of which are sure to be instant live favorites.

You can get YOURS (See what i did there???) right now over on the Purple Suns Bandcamp page here.

Grade: A


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