wilsoncoverartThe New Wave Of American Cock Rock is here!!!! Lock up your daughters! And your sons for that matter because it’s a new day and age, ladies and gents! Like the bratty younger brother of Every Time I Die (Probably thanks in part from frequent ETID producer Steve Evetts sitting behind the boards…), Wilson bring the short blasts of pure rawk furiosity (Yeah, it’s a made up word. What of it? I think I’d have to pay Clutch if I used “Pure Rock Fury” instead…) on their debut, Full Blast Fuckery.

This is like I Get Wet times a gazillion but a little rougher around the edges: Party rock at its best with an unrelenting attitude and absolutely no filler. The moment “My Life, My Grave” explodes from your speakers, it’s a no holds barred headbanger’s heaven for the foreseeable future. “Better Off (Strictly Doods)” introduces some bonafide crooning and melody into the mix and then “Passing On The Left” pulls you right back down to the gutter.

If you’re looking for depth, you might be in the wrong place cuz with songs like “College Gangbang” and the blistering assault of “I Can Beat Your Dad” the only statement Wilson is looking to make is that they know what to say to entertain you and rock your socks off (Seriously, the riffing in “…Dad” is unbelievable!). If those songs are too serious for ya, then try out the 46 SECONDS of “Viking Pussies Fuck Off”! That’s right: FORTY. SIX. SECONDS. Before you can catch your breath, “If You Ever Leave Me, I Will Find You” and the superior above all riff monster “Susan Jane” enter the fray to rattle your brain even more. If you’re looking for fun, if you’re looking for rawk, then Full Blast Fuckery is an album you need to own yesterday.

Full Blast Fuckery comes your way on July 9th. Get yers here and here.

Grade: A+



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