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bloc-party-nextwave-sessions-608x608Well, that was quick! Less than a year after their genre-defying comeback album it looks as if Bloc Party are going on the dreaded “indefinite hiatus” once again. Don’t fret just yet, though, as the band have one last batch of new songs to release before they go their separate ways.  Slated for release on August 12th in the UK, The Nextwave Sessions could very well be Bloc Party’s swan song but if songs like first single “Ratchet” are indicative of the rest of the five songs on the EP then at least they’re going out on a high note. As for “Ratchet” and the accompanying video, it’s an ultra funky track that sees the band again breaking out from their token sound while the video is, I’m pretty sure, just bits culled together from last year’s “Octopus” promo clip. Either way, the song and video are still pretty fun.

The Nextwave Sessions EP is out in August, you can check out “Ratchet” below:





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