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nin-cbhListen…I’m going to be excited for the new NIN album and tour simply because it’s Trent and I think he’s a visionary.  This video comes from a highly touted director in David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway).  It’s, admittedly by the warning that precedes it, an epileptic’s worst nightmare.

What to expect?  A picture of girl, transposed beneath a spider rotating back and forth, a head’s on view of a shark with human teeth, a creepy play-dough face, and Trent’s mug shot in eerily caked-up make-up and through what feels like 8mm-type film.

It’s no ‘The Perfect Drug,’ or ‘Only,’ but it’s a visual in the tradition of ‘official,’ videos Trent has okay’d under the NIN moniker.  It’s also simply a pretty cool thing to have some creative output from the group again.  So we’ll take it.  Hesitation Marks is out on September 4th and the band will be touring North America extensively through the summer/fall 2013.

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