Spin Cycle

roguewave-nightingalefloorsRogue Wave records have in the past always been this sort of comfort food for me. They’re magical and uplifting despite being so dark at times. The beauty of their records is probably that, regardless of the subject matter, one would never be able to tell because of how uplifting and beautiful the music is which has always appealed to me. On the band’s latest record, Nightingale Floors, Rogue Wave again take beauty from the breakdown to limitless new heights.

Whether it’s the sure fire pop of “College” or the Pat Spurgeon-led march of opener “No Magnotone” with its shimmering vocal lines from Zach Rogue, Nightingale Floors proves that even at five albums in, the magic still sounds as fresh as their debut. “Siren’s Song” is just pure Rogue Wave with gorgeous harmonies amidst some modern flourishes while “The Closer I Get” is the closest thing Rogue Wave has done to actually crafting a lullaby.


Later still, “S(a)tan” continues along like a Fleetwood Mac cut circa Rumors while “Used To It” starts with a cacophony of noise and continues to be an aural assault to unsuspecting ears until “Without Pain” comes along with its’ subtle strumming to rest the senses once again. Closing out with the eight minute-and-then-some “Everyone Wants To Be You”, which at times echoes Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”, Rogue Wave once again retreat into the recesses of your mind promising to pop out with their brand of dark-pop whenever needed.

Nightingale Floors is out now through Vagrant Records.

Grade: B




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