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Barely a year after Born & Raised, John Mayer has returned. As many of you know, he spent most of 2012 recovering from throat surgery that threatened to silence him forever.

Thankfully, John has recovered (although he’s lost a little bit of his vocal range) and his sixth studio album, Paradise Valley, is scheduled for release on August 16th. The first single, “Paper Doll,” is a mellow number that’s very much in line with the easygoing feel of Born & Raised. However, folks online are already buzzing about the subject of the song. Some folks are speculating that the song’s “paper doll” is John’s current on-again, off-again Katy Perry. I’d say the more likely target is Taylor Swift–especially considering John’s referencing of the number “22,” which conveniently happens to be the title of T-Swizzle’s new single.

Regardless of speculation, “Paper Doll” is a pretty song. Check out the hilarious lyric video below. I wonder how much weight I’d lose if I got into Prancersizing.

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