Spin Cycle

7823880873Can I first thank the demon goddess that 2013 is apparently bringing us a new Skinny Puppy record, a new ohGr recod supposedly (Watch this space for my Nivek Ogre review coming soon where he talks about it), and a new record by cEvin Key’s Download? Anyway,  the ego to the super-ego that is Skinny Puppy (The id of course being ohGr), Download float in that middle space superbly crafting these beats that lie uninhibited by vocals.

As far as instrumental electronic dance albums are concerned, Lingam is tops and the title track which opens the proceedings is solid proof of that. From there, it gets even better as “AAARD” ups the BPM’s until “DUPPY” interjects even more speed. With repetition being cast aside in favor of just plain hypnotic beats, everything on Lingam continually sounds fresh.

“SAW CRUST” is the first taste of something slower here but tracks like this ambient piece are few and far between in favor of more tracks likely to send your heart rate into overdrive like “YONI” or “BLOTCH” which is, quite simply, groove incarnate. And how can one not love an album that includes a song called “JirAFFe from the planet Sanders” on it?

Lingam is out now through Metropolis Records on June 11th. Get your very own copy here.

Grade: A



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