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If it wasn’t for Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars would probably have ended up walking away with a ton of Best Male Artist awards this year. Unorthodox Jukebox is an undisputed smash, he’s already scored two #1 singles, and his live performances are already legendary.

His videos have also been pretty inventive. The clips from Jukebox so far have all been retro-themed, and the visual for third single “Treasure,” works a similar angle.

If you, like me, were fortunate enough to have experienced BET back in the early Eighties, you’re well aware of the…er, quality…of R&B videos back in the day. Hell, go on YouTube now and look up Earth Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove” or a Con Funk Shun video. Bruno and his crew of dancers perfectly captured that era, which matches up well with the New Edition/Michael Jackson-inspired song.

“Treasure” is indisputably an earworm, and the video makes it that much more enjoyable.

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