Our main Shuffle man, Gonzo, is traveling the next couple of weeks so I get the privilege of “mixing” our Carlton Shuffle.

And I had fun doing it!

Every week we ask the PopBlerd! crew what they are listening to. Every week we get a mixture of songs from every genre, and every generation. It’s kinda cool.

With Father’s Day this Sunday I thought it’d be appropriate if we came up with a list of “Songs About Dad”. Little did I know that we had a some daddy issues in our group.

You’ll find songs that won’t make you like Dad, like Prince’s “Papa”, the Temptation classic “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”, and Everclear’s “Father of Mine”.

Then there songs like Luther Vandross’s “Dance with My Father”,  Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” and Billy Joel’s “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)” that convey the true meaning of Father’s Day!

And like past Shuffle’s you’ll find a mixture of all genres of music, for every generation of Dad.

Look at that! We just created the soundtrack to your Father’s Day! So if you’re a dad – and I am thrice over – enjoy the day with your father, grandfather, son or daughter, or whoever you might call Dad or whoever might call you Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!

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