Detroit’s Mayer Hawthorne has edged closer to the mainstream with each successive album. His third set, Where Does This Door Go, might be the album that breaks the retro-soul singer into the mainstream once and for all.

Hawthorne recently revealed the track listing and the album cover for Door, which streets on July 16th. Kendrick Lamar and British soul singer Jessie Ware are the featured guests, and the suddenly omnipresent Pharrell Williams is rumored to be producing tracks on it.

Thanks to the good folks at Potholes in My Blog (one of my favorite sites) for providing this info. Looking forward to this release for sure, and I know some of the folks on staff are huge fans.

Track Listing:

1. Problematization
2. Back Seat Lover
3. The Innocent
4. Allie Jones
5. The Only One
6. Wine Glass Woman
7. Her Favorite Song (featuring Jessie Ware)
8. Crime (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
9. Reach Out Richard
10. Corsican Rosé
11. Where Does This Door Go
12. Robot Love
13. The Stars Are Ours
14. All Better

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