Megadeth-Super-ColliderWe are living in a world where I now favor Noel Gallagher over Liam Gallagher and Metallica over Megadeth. Bizarro World indeed. If I start queuing up for the latest Iron Maiden record over one from Judas Priest then you have permission to commit me to the local nut house. But onto Super Collider, the latest from Megadeth.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Super Collider, Megadeth’s fourteenth, there’s just nothing new here. Where as Metallica is taking years and years to craft a new record, regardless how good or bad it is, Megadeth seems to crap out a new one every two years on the dot now (Th1t3en actually came out in November of 2011 so even quicker in some cases). Look, I was a huge fan of The System Has Failed but since that comeback album, they’ve yet to create an album that’s as solid. Each album that’s come since has definitely had its moments but after the first few songs, listeners are often treated to Megadeth-by-numbers which is the biggest issue with Super Collider.

“Kingmaker” starts SC off with some promise seeing Dave Mustaine and company firing on all cylinders but whereas their previous albums would continue this trend for a song or two more,  this one mis-steps big time with “Super Collider” next which is a heaping pile of garbage. It is seriously one of the worst Megadeth songs ever written. If this was the song that was meant to draw new listeners in and entice old school fans then the band will be lucky if they make any money back from the recording of such droll, generic shit.

Luckily, that’s the worst it gets here but unfortunately the damage is already done. From there, tracks like “Burn!” starts off ok with some Rust In Peace– inspired riffage but the chorus just kills the mood entirely. Same with “Built for War”. Same with “Off The Edge”. There’s moments here and there in most songs (“Beginning Of Sorrow” being the exception because it’s awesome through and through) but something happens along the way to tarnish each whether it’s a lyric here or a riff there making me think that Megadeth should take a cue from that other big thrash band that begins with an “M” and take some more time before album number fifteen drops.

Super Collider is out on June 4th through Tradecraft/Universal.

Grade: D



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