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For the past few years, this site, my Twitter feed and much of my discussion about soul music has been focused on the question “where the hell is Remy Shand?”

A little background: before Robin Thicke, before Justin Timberlake, there was Remy. A silky smooth Canadian with a buttery falsetto, Shand’s debut album, The Way I Feel, was a stone cold jam from top to bottom. The album was a decent-sized hit, earning a few Grammy nominations and selling almost 400,000 units. Then, like just about every soul musician who makes a great album, Remy disappeared (what’s up with that, anyway??)

Hey, would you look at that? Remy Shand has a YouTube page. And he premiered a few new songs, including “Wherearewegoing?” I am too giddy to write any more. Watch the video. If D’Angelo, Maxwell, AND Remy Shand all release albums in 2013, I might just spontaneously combust.

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