If you’re me, network TV isn’t holding a lot of promise, sitcom-wise. “How I Met Your Mother” and “Modern Family” have jumped the shark, “The Big Bang Theory” is inconsistent (and getting stale besides) and “Community” not only jumped the shark, but performed a triple axel backflip jump. “Happy Endings” was canceled by ABC and is likely moving to cable, and “Go On” is off the air as well. That leaves “Parks & Rec” and…not much else.

Enter Michael J. Fox. The incredibly likeable actor retired from TV almost a decade and a half ago, leaving the show “Spin City” to concentrate on fundraising for Parkinson’s Disease research and to spend time with his family. He hasn’t totally been out of the television limelight, though, making guest appearances on “Scrubs,” “Rescue Me” and a memorable stint on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Michael J. Fucked Up, anyone?

This fall, Fox returns to network television with “The Michael J. Fox” show on NBC. Seeing the trailer immediately perked me up in regards to the new television season. In the show, Fox plays a news reporter who retired from the job due to a Parkinson’s diagnosis and decides to come back to work after a long hiatus. Fox’s coming timing is still very much present, and, as he has since his diagnosis became public, he doesn’t play the sympathy card at all. He’s also-despite being in his fifties-HIS FIFTIES!!-still boyishly adorable. Count me in.

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